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Dedicated fractional COO stepping in to provide essential executive-level guidance. - Kevin Wheeler

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Harnessing the power of fractional COOs to drive strategic operations. - Kevin Wheeler Official

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"Temporary leadership at its finest: Fractional COOs delivering results." Kevin Wheeler Official

Business Meeting

"Unlocking success with fractional COOs as strategic business partners." - Kevin Wheeler Official

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"Fractional COOs: The flexible solution to achieve organizational objectives." - Kevin Wheeler

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"Empowering organizations with fractional COOs: Results-driven leadership on demand."- Kevin Wheeler

Business Meeting

Achieve your goals with the assistance of fractional COOs: Building a path to success.-Kevin Wheeler

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"Fractional COOs leading the charge towards organizational excellence." - Kevin Wheeler Official

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"Temporary but impactful: Fractional COOs driving operational success." - Kevin Wheeler Official

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"Fractional COOs: Experts in delivering critical leadership when it's needed most." - Kevin Wheeler

Why Kevin Wheeler

Welcome to our website! We understand that running a business comes with its fair share of obstacles. Whether you are facing challenges in operations management or struggling to scale your operations, we are here to help.

Introducing Kevin Wheeler, your dedicated fractional COO. With his extensive experience and expertise, Kevin can provide critical executive-level leadership on a part-time basis. As a key operations-focused business partner, Kevin will work closely with your organization to help you reach your goals efficiently.

We understand that hiring a full-time COO may not be feasible for every company, especially if you are looking for a more cost-effective solution. That's where our fractional COO service comes in. By working with Kevin on a part-time basis, you can access his valuable insights and guidance without committing to a full-time position.

Our goal is to help you overcome obstacles, streamline your operations, and ultimately scale your business. Kevin brings a wealth of experience from various industries, allowing him to offer a unique perspective tailored to your specific needs. With his assistance, you can achieve sustainable growth and position your business for long-term success.

So, if you're ready to take your organization to new heights, consider Kevin Wheeler as your fractional COO. Affordable, experienced, and dedicated, he is your go-to partner for operational excellence. Explore our website to learn more about our services and see how Kevin can make a difference in your business. Don't let obstacles hold you back – let us help you reach your potential!

What are the benefits of hiring Kevin Wheeler as your fractional COO?

Bringing in an experienced senior operations leader that has expertise across a wide variety of disciplines to your organization can provide many benefits. Here are a few examples of how this position can help your organization:

  • The organization has grown rapidly and now your legacy processes and systems are preventing further growth or are cost-prohibitive.

  • Your operations group is not producing as expected and you need an in-depth overview of their current situation and areas of opportunity.

  • Your organization is at a strategic crossroads and you need an unbiased, experienced strategic partner to assist identifying a path, creating a viable road map, and then assisting in the execution.

  • You have areas in multiple disciplines (IT, Marketing, Analytics, Training, Operations, etc.) that need help aligning on organizational goals and executing these goals effectively.

  • You have a critical, time-sensitive project that needs to be completed. Your existing staff may not have the expertise or capacity to effectively handle this project or it may divert their attention from other critical projects.

This is a short list of the many benefits a fractional COO can bring to your organization. It is a very cost-effective way to elevate your organization. You can typically engage this position from 4 to 30 hours per week and it can last from several months or longer, depending on your specific situation and needs. It’s an excellent short-term solution for many companies.

In its broadest sense, operations management is responsible for all aspects of creating goods and services. It manages resources such as materials, machines, technology, and people, and makes products and services that the marketplace wants. The whole chain of events must be well managed for a business to be competitive.

As we define operations management more fully, we consider these foundations of OM:

  • Planning: Operations managers must constantly forecast, plan, and adjust to optimize processes based on conditions.

  • Process: Production of goods or services requires having strong, repeatable processes.

  • Efficiency: Managers must troubleshoot bottlenecks, inadequate resources, and down times to create optimal efficiency.

  • Cost Control: Production is typically a major part of a company’s cost structure, and you must manage it wisely.

  • Quality: Good quality control is necessary to maintain customer satisfaction and the company’s reputation. Companies can greatly suffer without it.

  • Continuous Improvement: To remain competitive, companies need to have processes in place to consistently seek better ways of doing things.

  • Technology: Underlying all of these foundations is technology. Well-used technology keeps a company ahead of the curve.

  • Profitability: Executed properly, all of the above foundations lead to a strong bottom line.

About Me

I offer Executive, Director of Operations and Regional Manager level leadership to help build a successful organization. I have 17 years of  management experience and have excelled at proactively identifying opportunities for growth, implementing best practices and creating standardization through a “culture of yes”. This means we will overcome all external and internal challenges to exceed success orientated goals and targets. My advice and expertise has been featured on national televisions programs and media outlets. 

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