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My goal with Simplified COO LLC is to offer Executive, Director of Operations and Regional Manager level leadership to build a successful dental services organization. I have 17 years of dental management experience. I have excelled at proactively identifying opportunities for growth, implementing best practices and creating standardization through a “culture of yes”. This means we will overcome all external and internal challenges to exceed success orientated goals and targets.


I offer the leadership that is necessary to make your existing offices more productive and profitable. This enables the opportunity to identify new acquisitions to continue to grow. I believe in relationship based partnerships. I genuinely strive for your satisfaction and success.


My engagement can vary to fit your needs and budget. I offer daily, weekly and monthly report monitoring. Daily calls with the executive team. 24hour availability for positive team member interventions. Daily contact with the management team and weekly management conference calls. Office visits monthly and/or quarterly for best practice sharing, training and development. Remotely I will develop 3 year, 5 year and 10 year business plans. I will establish daily, weekly and monthly goals and targets. I will create and implement strategic operating plans. Through my robust dental connections, I will be able to assist in recruiting. I will create a healthy culture with a mission statement to support your vision.


Because most of my engagement will be remotely, I can offer my services for a fraction of the compensation a full time COO would ask for. Once you have established your company’s need and viability for a full time COO, I will help with the recruiting of that position.

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