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What is a fractional COO?

What is a fractional COO?
What is a fractional COO?

"A fractional COO is a business professional with many years of experience who is willing to work in a temporary capacity, part-time, for an hourly rate that would typically amount to the same as hiring someone full-time." - Forbes Magazine

"A fractional chief operating officer fills the same role as a traditional COO, but does not draw a full-time salary. The COO acts as an enterprise's second in command, reporting directly to the CEO and supervising the business's daily operations." - MMK Laywers

"Fractional CEOs, often referred to as experienced CEOs, super temps and freelancers, can offer the same advantages as CEOs at a small portion of the price. Fractional executives are managers who work part-time in your C-suite, including CIOs, CFOs, COOs and CHROs, to name a few." -

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